Dreaming about an amazing road trip? Why don’t trying using an RV rental vehicle (“Recreational Vehicle)? And what exactly is the difference between Caravans and Campervans? I only mentioned the 2 most common categories but there are solutions for everyone’s needs and budgets!


Before choosing one over the other, you will need to do a bit of planning and research, of course,  to make sure everything is right to go, but let me tell you, I tried this option (in my case a Campervan) and it is so worth it that I didn’t want to get off it!


To come to a decision, You’ll have to ask yourself a few questions first:


What does my budget look like?

What’s the best time of the year to go?

What is my travel style?

Do I want to rent or buying one?



However, one of the major questions you should be asking yourself is whether you will be taking a camper trailer, caravan, motorhome or camper van on your road trip knowing what the difference between them is and the Pros & Cons of each one!

One word: FREEDOM! How cool is to have a place you can call home while on the road?! It can’t get any better than this!

Your mode of transportation is the most important decision you’ll make. You have the option to buy a second-hand transport or rent one directly just for the days you need it so that you won’t have issues on where to park it, repairs and so much more.




After reading this article you will have a better understanding of the main differences between a camper trailer, caravan, Campervan, and motorhomes so after you have made up your mind, check out the best website to rent one!

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We’ll start with the easiest one: the camper trailer. You would choose a camper trailer if you’re looking at a tighter budget for your road trip.

A camper trailer is a separate unit that you’ll attach to your car and depending on the model you choose, it can have different features, but all in all, it will grant you a bed to sleep, storage, an outside kitchen (sometimes inside on most expensive ones), and everything you need to move around. Perfect for camping & adventure and for people with a cheaper budget that don’t mind being a bit flexible and creative 🙂


Do you want to see an example of what a camper trailer looks like? watch this interesting video! Disclaimer: this is a rather high-end camper trailer with more amenities than the basic ones.




A camper trailer can be considerably cheaper than a caravan or a camper van. Also, camper trailers are generally a lot smaller and easier to transport than the other two options. This takes away any worries that your gas mileage will decrease, because of the extra weight of the trailer.

Perhaps one of the best parts of having a camper trailer is the ability to be surrounded by the open air. Camper trailers typically have canvas roofing and sides, so more of fresh air from the outside will come in.




Some of the cons are obviously the lesser space inside, compared to a Caravan/Campervan. But yet again, if this doesn’t bother you, and you have a tight budget it might be the perfect solution for you!

Also, you have to be careful while driving, turning around with your car etc, in order to avoid any damage to the camper trailer.


Now, if you’re looking for a little bit more than a camper trailer, you should look into getting a caravan for your next road trip.

Caravans are towed along behind your car, so you can just hook them up and go. Caravans also give you more luxury than a camper trailer. Usually, they will come with separate rooms for a bedroom, bathroom…maybe even a small cooker or kitchen unit.


However, caravans will be a bit more on the expensive side compared with the camper trailers.


Plus, it may require a larger vehicle to be able to tow the extra weight. That potentially means higher gas costs and less road efficiency. Take your budget into account before you go for the caravan option.


The next step up from a caravan is to go for a camper van, or an RV as it’s otherwise known.

This is going to give you the most luxury and security on your road trip. You’ll be able to just hop from the front seat back into the kitchen/dining area and head on back to the separate bedroom and bathroom.

However, as can be expected, this is going to be the most expensive option out of the three, in terms of up-front costs and gas mileage.

Camper trailers and caravans are generally a bit easier on your budget. But if you have the budget for it, buying a campervan and reselling it after your trip, could be a perfect choice for you.


Whether you choose a camper trailer, caravan, or campervan for your next road trip, you will definitely have an incredible time. The world has so much for you to discover and you will not be disappointed!




So, now that you have an idea of what’s the difference between the Camper trailers/Caravans (they are separate from the car) and the Campers/Motorhomes (they are basically one unit), let’s see the main pros and cons of these solutions.

I found an amazingly instructive video where they are explained in detailed, helping you in your decision making when it comes to rend or buy your “house on the road” 😉

This is a basic video for the entry level of campers and caravans but I found it extremely useful so I’ll hare it with you in here!


As you could gather from this video, the choice of renting/buying a Caravan or a Camper Van goes down to how you are going to use it, your budget and your style of travel. They are all great solution to have your own “home” with you while traveling so … check them out and try the experience at least once in your life!




  1. Thanks for sharing pros and cons of Tent Camping,Camper trailer and Caravan.This is good info. I really appreciate your research. I love these ideas. Thank you so much.

    1. Author

      Thanks Bailey, glad you found the info useful! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you mention that amper trailers are easier to transport and to store. My parents want to try the camping lifestyle and the want to buy an RV. I will recommend they get something small, that way their trips will easy without so much load.

    1. Author

      Oh, your parents are so cool Eli! I also have this almost “obsession” to try the camping lifestyle and I hope your parents will fulfill their dream! Small is good, as long as they have everything they need, just traveling with the essentials is actually the very idea of this very nice lifestyle!

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