Unusual Bucket list: Why I want to visit Kelowna in Canada!

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It’s been just 5 days that I’m finally home after 8 months (more about that coming soon!)  and I am already thinking long-term on all the destinations I want to cover during the next few months/years!

This is the first of a series of quick insights on places I want to visit and why. A „Bucket list to remind myself of my next destinations to feel good in between my trips. I like to see it as the traditional board on the office wall, filled with snapshots of gorgeous places, to help me getting on during the day!

I can’t help it, dreaming and traveling are my drug,it makes me feel better and give a totally different purpose to my life.



Kelowna Mountain

Kelowna Mountain

If you read my blog, you should know quite well how much I love the sea. The website is filled with pictures of sunsets on the beach, scuba diving immersion and sunny hot places.

What about the cooler/colder places of the globe? am I totally disregarding them? not at all! The other day I was actually thinking about that, and maybe after a few years of wandering in hot humid countries, it is time to get some fresh air!

The country on top of my list for that is without doubts Canada. It always fascinated me, the main reason being the peaceful and gorgeous nature, lakes and forests.

So, as tradition wants for every dream destination, I researched a bit on the internet to see which part of the country I’d like to go.

It wasn’t an easy task, I can tell you!! all I was looking for was a peaceful, scenic place to just relax and feel in contact with nature, but most of all, far away from big cities and chaos. My eye fell to Kelowna. I admit, I’ve never heard about it before but I have a close friend of mine who was obsessing over going to Canada and he mentioned the place a few times.

Kelowna Map Canada

Here’s where the place is! 🙂

The pictures on the Internet were stunning. Coming back from the heat of Bangkok it may have helped to further appreciate the feeling of cool pure breeze coming down the mountains 🙂

The place from the map looks really inviting for my purposes: RELAX! and if being a hermit on a mountain is a bit too much for me, there’s always the lake where I could just lay down and enjoy the warm sun.

There are also other reasons why  Kelowna is on my bucket list for the future:


Myra Canyon Kelowna

Myra Canyon Kelowna

Not many people knows this, but I love riding my bike to explore wild places! (surprise, I’m a sporty girl too!!) and I’ve read the reviews on this amazing place, where the path is quite easy, especially for people not as fit as me! and the landscapes,scenery and animals are perfect to take stunning pictures.

I fell in love with the incredible bridge on the picture and I now day-dream of the day I can cross it by foot or bike. It must me a once in a lifetime experience!


knox mountain park kelowna canada

knox mountain park

Coming from Italy, I lived for years close to the Alps, and I just adore these kind of scenery, it is so peaceful and again, it perfectly fills my hunger for spectacular landscape pictures!

As soon as I’m done with beaches and hot places, this is the place I want to be for at least a couple of weeks! The reviews say that there are different paths you can take and that the best time to enjoy this spectacular scenery is at sunset.

Loving sunsets so much, this is a perfect change of scenery from the million pictures I already have on sunsets over the sea. I’m definitely missing the ones on the lake or mountains, that’s why this is really high on my bucket list at the moment.


kelowna hotels CANADA

kelowna hotels

Ok, here is something else you may not know about me. I studied Environmental science at University (In Turin, so close to the mountains) and sometimes the school brought us for a 3 day excursion in the Alps.
I remember the sweat to get to the top, but as soon as I saw the lovely Chalets, all the fatigue just vanished in the cool air. Being surrounded by mountains, green fields (or white,depending if the snow was still there), was unlike anything else in the world! I made a quick research here too and Kelowna hotels  offers everything I would like to have during a trip like this.

The research need to be accurate, as there are various types of accommodation, but if I (hopefully) have enough money to splurge, I’d definitely go for one of those chalet or hotels surrounded just by trees! I think I deserve a little treat after the Asian experience.

I like living on a budget as it’s the very core of the real traveler, but sometimes I need to just make the exception and take a „Holiday“ within my hard-core trip!

There are also so many other activities and experiences I’d like to try in this enchanted place: Lake Okanagan, Kasuga Japanese garden,Shuswap lake and much more! but for now these are the main ones.

Fountains in Kelowna- Canada

Fountains in Kelowna- Canada

Canada cravings may come as a surprise, especially now that I’m just back from an amazing experience in under developed countries in Asia, or maybe is BECAUSE of that?

I think that to fully appreciate a place, I need to detach myself  from it  for a while, to get ready and enthusiastic again. So let me dream about this other part of the world, let me dream about mountains, lakes and chalet covered by snow.

After this virtual tour of Canada I will be well ready to tell you all about my coming back home and most of all, about my upcoming trip to China and Philippines! So stay tuned!

Has Anyone visited this part of the world? if so, what do you think? sounds like a good idea? Any other suggestion?

Thanks as usual for your opinion, you know how much I appreciate it!


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