Traveling, backpacking, taking tours, … it all changes when children come along. Tour to Cuba is no different: traveling with children can make some choices better than others. It can make things a bit more complicated, or at least you would need to plan in advance, but it can also open doors!


What to expect when traveling with kids to Cuba?



The first thing to understand about kids in Cuba is that Cubans love children. Exploring a city with your family will likely earn you much more smiling faces and talks with locals. Restaurant owners will often bring “a little extra for the small one” or stay around your table to talk with you and make sure everything is okay.

By the way, the food in Cuba is rather simple, not spicy and served in ample amounts. Adults sometimes find it a little bland, but this straight forward kind of cooking is often perfect for a child’s taste! The tastiest thing in Cuba is its fruits. Kids will love to discover new exotic fruits and to drink mango juice to their heart’s content.

The very musical atmosphere in the streets of Cuba’s cities is also something that children love to be a part of. Singing, dancing, playing, … Plus, locals are always happy to teach this aspect of their culture to curious and enthusiastic children! Often, you might see a musician lend his instrument to a child or a dancer teaching steps to a few kids.

Finally, the lack  (or poor presence) of wifi can be seen as a bad thing … or a good thing. With teenagers, it might be good for the whole family to have them disconnected during your holidays, for a change. It will certainly make you feel better!


Where to go in Cuba with Kids?



A day at the beach is always a sure way to make children and parents both happy. Luckily, beaches are not what’s missing in Cuba!

In particular, the beach of Varadero is a paradise of green waters and warm sand. The water is very transparent and the beach is flat for a long way, making it easy to go far out into the water on foot. Those two particularities make Varadero an ideal choice to keep your children safe and happy!


Another beach to recommend is Playa Larga. The area is beautiful and postcard perfect, but what will make a memorable adventure for your children is the crocodile farm nearby, the Criadero de Crocodilos. In the farm, you can see, touch and feed those impressive animals. Quite a thrill for adults and children alike!



Another area that children will love to explore is Vinales and its funny mogotes (small round mounds dotting the otherwise flat landscape). Many trails are available for families in this region, a good opportunity for your kids to walk out all that energy!


Let’s move on to cities and talk about the main one: Havana. This is a big city with a lot of people, so children might feel quickly tired and overwhelmed. The best way to explore Havana with your family is to take one of those old American cars from the fifties that are now used as cabs. Let the driver show you around town and drive the Malecon along the coast for an unforgettable ride!

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Further along the coast, Cienfuegos is often a children’s favorite. With its sunny, colorful and peaceful town center and one of the best botanical gardens in the world, this coastal town has everything for a good, safe dip into Cuban culture!


Trinidad is also perfect for children. The city is quieter than Havana but still offers a lot of cultural events every day. There are also many outdoor excursions around Trinidad for a bit of nature and family adventure. Walking around the banana plantations, in particular, is always a hit with children!


Lastly, Caleta Buena is the perfect beach stop between Havana and Trinidad if you want your children to try out snorkeling or diving. This stretch of water is full of small and colorful fishes, kids will love it!


Best Accommodation Options When Visiting Cuba With Kids:



For families, the best thing is to sleep in a Casa Particulares during your tour to Cuba. These privately rented accommodations can range from a room inside a local’s house to a full apartment just for you. This kind of accommodation is cheaper than a hotel and will give you a unique insight into local culture. If you stay with a family, they will even often agree to babysit your kids for a few hours!

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In short, Cuba is a perfect choice for taking your kids along on your holidays! Having children around will open many doors, so start learning salsa now!



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