Best Beaches In Costa Smeralda Near Porto Cervo

Costa Smeralda beaches are indeed a dream come true for every beach lover. Do you love the Caribbean Sea? Then you’ll love the beaches in Costa Smeralda, maybe even more! Click on your favorite beach to read about it and check my suggestions for the best hotels near each beach. Enjoy my beautiful Sardinia!

Costa Smeralda Best Beaches Map

If you want to know where they then stop here! I will guide you through the most enchanting ones with my map of the most popular Costa Smeralda beaches. I’ll give you advice on the best hotels and where to stay close to a specific beach, and how to get to the beach as only a local could do!


The Costa Smeralda, located on the northeast Sardinia coast, is one of Italy’s most famous and beautiful beach areas. In this article, I will list all the best beaches in Costa Smeralda and everything you need to know about them.

From the beaches’ principal activities and amenities, the closest and most excellent hotels to the beach, tours, and things that not everybody knows. You’ll learn how to get around if you stick with me till the end!

Costa Smeralda might be expensive (even tough, not impossible for a Holiday on the cheap side). Still, its vibe is second to none of the poshest destinations in Italy, and its beaches are just the cherry on top of a fabulous location in Sardinia!

Tips On How to Get to the Costa Smeralda Beaches

You must rent a car to get to the beaches in Costa Smeralda. Without a car, you won’t be able to reach 90% of the best beaches in the area.


If you want to move freely around Sardinia (and in Costa Smeralda) you’ll need to rent a car.

Posters on sites like TripAdvisor and in the comment section frequently ask for recommendations for rental companies, so much so that this is one of the “Top questions about Sardinia.” The information linked here aims to give you tips about having a good experience with car rental on the island.

I recommend one of the sites I’ve used myself more than once, which will find the best deals for car rentals in Costa Smeralda (from Olbia or any other major city in Sardinia like Alghero and Cagliari).

Check out the link below and if you want to experience the best of what the Costa Smeralda beaches have to offer, you can get ahead and rent your car online.

It’s sometimes much better than stressing yourself at the airport. I highly recommend you book as soon as possible, especially for the Costa Smeralda, because the prices close in on the summer season and the cars’ availability becomes scarce.


Below is a video you can NOT miss! In Arzachena (a pretty convenient place to stay near the Costa Smeralda beaches but not on the sea), this lovely place is called Aldo B&B.

The owner shoots amazing videos, including several of the beaches I mentioned. If you watch this, you’ll fall in love with Sardinia before you even arrive and want to book your holidays immediately!

Principe Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Costa Smeralda for its wild beauty and its proximity to the lovely village of Porto Cervo. 

The pristine waters and the typical rock formations at the end of each side of the beach make it an unmissable spot in Costa Smeralda. Spiaggia del Principe is also known by many as one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Sardinia but in Italy (and Europe).

I lived in Mexico and the Philippines for a while and I can guarantee you that this beach has nothing to envy to the Caribbeans, the Philippines or even the Maldives!

For this reason, Principe Beach is at the top of my list of the best beaches in Costa Smeralda. Its wow factor will sweep you away, and you’ll love swimming and snorkeling in its turquoise and transparent waters.

The 250-meter-long beach is not far from the famous village of Porto Cervo and is easily reachable by car. It is perfectly perfect in every possible way!

Parking Fees at Spiaggia Del Principe:

It only costs 1,5 euros per hour or 7,5 euros for the whole day. The walk from the parking lot to the beach is around 10 minutes.

Beach Main Features

  • Snorkeling
  • Suitable For Families and kids
  • Parking space (free and paid)
  • Small bar for drinks/lunch

Hotels On The Beach

There are NO HOTELS ON the beach near Spiaggia del Principe. This is one of the reasons why it is so wild and beautiful.

Even without beach hotels, Spiaggia del Principe can easily be reached by car. I’ll list my favorite Hotels close enough to Principe Beach.


Cala Di Volpe


This is my absolute favorite Hotel on the beach near Spiaggia del Principe. It’s a dream come true in Costa Smeralda. Ratings: 9.1

Villa Carola


It is one of the most luxurious villas near Porto Cervo, perfect for families. Close to Spiaggia del Principe. Ratings: 9.2

View More Hotels

Check out the other Hotels and Villas near Spiaggia Del Principe.

Usually, the most convenient accommodations to stay and reach this fabulous beach are located in the nearby villages, at 5-10 min max by car:

Porto Cervo | Abbiadori

Nearby Beaches In Costa Smeralda

The lovely Capriccioli Beach is one of the most famous ones in Costa Smeralda (we went there in August). Don’t do that! 🙂 It’s amazing only close to sunset, before the people are way too many for the beach. The water is incredible!

This is a list of every jaw-dropping beach in Costa Smeralda (not far away from Spiaggia del Principe beach and Porto Cervo), and these are also the ones I’ll be talking about in this article.

So, if you are interested in checking out a particular one or looking for specific Hotels, Villas, or resorts near that beach, you can click on the link, and it will take you straight to that beach!

Map: How To Get To La Spiaggia Del Principe

Useful map to get To La Spiaggia Del Principe In Costa Smeralda From Olbia, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. 


From Porto Cervo & Cala Di Volpe To Principe Beach:

Getting to Principe Beach is fairly straightforward. You can get there from Porto Cervo in less than 20 20-minute drive south. Follow the directions to Romazzino. Coming from Cala di Volpe? You’ll get there in less than 10 minutes!

From Olbia Airport To Spiaggia Del Principe:

Driving from Olbia will take longer, but it will still be within a reasonable distance (35-minute ride).

As mentioned, Renting a car is the best option for getting to the beach. It is a stress-free, hassle-free, and more independent way to visit the island.

No need to buy a tour, or to take a taxi all around, with the car all these beautiful beaches will be within your reach.


Romazzino Beach (The beach in front of the Hotel, not to be confused with “Piccolo Romazzino Beach”)

Romazzino Beach is an excellent place to spend your holidays in Costa Smeralda. When I say “Spiaggia Del Romazzino, I’m referring to the main beach in front of the famous Romazzino Hotel.

Compared to the other beaches, it’s probably less extraordinary, but still possesses great-looking clear blue water ( you’re in Sardinia after all!)

Many visitors have defined it as one of the best beaches in Costa Smeralda. Fact? I guess it depends on opinions (and the confusion; some more info on this topic later)

Some people enjoy the fact that Romazzino Hotel is directly on the beach and offers every possible amenity. Some others enjoy the Piccolo Romazzino beach more.

Parking spot at Romazzino:

It costs 1,5 euros per hour. However, there is a (small) free parking lot nearby as an alternative. My suggestion? Get up super early to take the free parking spot!

Umbrellas & Sunbeds at Romazzino:

Renting then at Romazzino is quite expensive compared to other beaches: 80 euros per day for an umbrella and 2 sun beds, which is something to consider when choosing where to stay.

Confusion About The 2 Romazzino Beaches:

There is some confusion between Romazzino Hotel Beach and the “Piccolo Romazzino Beach,” with the latter being wilder with no umbrellas, but more beautiful (free tip by a local, just for you)

Beach Main Features

Parking Space (paid and free)

Restaurant on the beach

Snorkeling spots

Sun Umbrellas

Beach Chairs /Sunbeds

Hotels Near The Beach

Romazzino (the big one) took its name from the famous Hotel directly on the beach, but other than the obvious, there are other interesting properties to check out!

Considering that there are not one but two “Romazzino ” beaches!


Hotel Romazzino


Super famous Hotel in Costa Smeralda, private beach with sun umbrellas and a fantastic swimming pool. Ratings: 8.8

Hotel Nibaru


It is one of the genuinely enchanting Hotels in Costa Smeralda, just 3 minutes by car from Piccolo Romazzino Beach. Ratings: 8.9

Map Of The Two Romazzino Beaches

I leave the map to do the talking. The two beaches are not even close to each other!


How to get to Romazzino Beach

From Olbia Airport To Romazzino Beach:

You can drive a short half an hour to get to the beach by following the road towards Arzachena, and the road signs (and maybe your Google Maps on mobile) will get you to your final destination.

From Porto Cervo To Romazzino Beach:

If you’re coming from Porto Cervo, it’s only 15 minutes by car. Driving south and passing by Cala di Volpe, the road is pretty easy, and you won’t get lost following the signs on the panoramic road with the lovely view of the sea in the background.

At some point in this scenic route, you can see the whole coast and Porto Cervo’s Marina with all the Yachts. Quite something!


Typical Costa Smeralda rock formations at the sides of the beach La Celvia

Every beach in Costa Smeralda (and in Sardinia, generally) is known for something different. La Celvia is famous for its tourist-friendly services and its general comfort.

Located at walking distance from Capriccioli beach, it’s a true gem in Costa Smeralda with it’s fine sand and turquoise shallow waters. Plus it’s a fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving spot.

Prices For The Amenities At La Celvia:

  • Umbrellas and sun beds cost 30 euros for two beds + umbrella,
  • Parking space costs only 7.50euros a day

La Celvia Tips & Info:

The indescribable views from this beach are insane, and there is a fantastic beach bar with healthy and fresh food.

On a more “negative” note, the beach is not super big (around 300 meters) and tends to get overcrowded during the peak season, which may bother some tourists. I suggest going off-season or early in the morning during the summer months.

Beach Main Features

  • Paddleboard, Canoes, and pedalos
  • Restaurants on the beach
  • Sun Umbrellas and Chairs
  • Parking Space
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving

Hotels Near The Beach

Set aside for luxury private properties scattered nearby, La Celvia does not have hotels on the beach.

But you can find so many great hotel options in its proximity. Check out my suggestions.


Villa Donatella


Located in Abbiadori, this villa is perfect for families and groups. It has a pool, a nearby golf course, and tennis courts! Ratings: N/A

Petra Bianca Hotel


Just 5 minutes away from La Celvia beach, this hotel overlooks the fantastic bay of Cala Di Volpe, and the views are amazing! Ratings: 8.9

Map: How To Get To La Celvia Beach


You can reach La Celvia beach easily from almost everywhere in Costa Smeralda.

From Olbia Airport To La Celvia Beach:

You have to drive towards Palau and then follow the direction of Costa Smeralda and, finally, Cala di Volpe and Capriccioli signs.

Useful Info About La Celvia:

If you plan on visiting the nearby beaches, save some money for the sun beds and invest in the less expensive parking space at La Celvia.

Given that La Celvia is within walking distance from Capriccioli, you can visit both on the same day if you don’t have much time. We did this last year and it was a good option. The parking spaces are also quite nearby (one for la Celvia and 2 for Capriccioli).


Best Activities & Tours Near The Costa Smeralda Beaches

A quick list of what to do in the nearby area of Porto Cervo and the best beaches in Costa Smeralda (a detailed article for the best things to do in Costa Smeralda is coming out soon!)

The enchanting village of Poltu Quatu in Costa Smeralda is not far from Romazzino. Only 20 minutes by car for both a day excursion or some more low-key nightlife


  • Night photography while the stars are shining! There is nothing better than enjoying a night in the wild nature in Sardinia.
  • Have a nice night out at the Hotel Romazzino. It features a terrace with sea views and a bar at the pool for lovers of luxurious life. The dress code is casual.


  • Trekking from Romazzino to Pevero Also called Pevero Health Trail– Easy and beautiful trek. It can be completed in less than 3 hours, and you will see incredible views from above.
  • Discover Punta Capaccia and admire Sardinia’s countryside. The path is relatively narrow at some points, so be careful.





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