Cartagena-Colombia: 4 Great Things To Do!



I love contests, and if there is one around (wherever in the world it might be) you can be assured that I’ve entered it!

What do I have to lose after all? The worst thing that can happen is that I don’t win, but my philosophy has always been: “If you never try you will never win anything”.

There are some contests that are specific to certain areas of the world, and in the case of Cartagena, unfortunately I can’t even try my lucky star as it is for US citizen only.

Since many of my readers are based in the US I’m writing this for you lucky people, so that you don’t miss out this opportunity.

South America has always been on top of my bucket list and, regardless of the contest, I will definitely plan a long  visit  there, one day. That’s why I’m genuinely envious of all the US citizen that have this amazing chance.

But let’s get to the core of it. I’m about to tell you why you should apply, how to do that, and what will you get if you win. Read on!

How to enter the competition:

It’s easy and quick! just click  HERE  (or on the image below) and you will be redirected to the LAN Airlines main page for the competition  (LAN Airlines is the sponsor behind this free trip) and you simply click on the green button “Win a trip”. You will see a screenshot like the one below.


cartagena colombia

cartagena Colombia

Now all you have to do is fill in the blank fields with your details, tick a few boxes with easy questions related to why you’d like to visit South America and click the submit button. Quick and easy.

What to do In Cartagena:


I also suggest you have a look to their section “What to do In Cartagena”, there are useful tips on how to spend your 4 days to the fullest. I admit it, even if I can’t enter the competition I couldn’t help it and  I gave a sneaky look at it and my favorite ones are :

1|Discover the  Caribbean Islands of San Bernardo and Rosario 

Rosario Natural Park Colombia

Rosario natural Park. Source: meetupstatic.

What can I say? People who knows me well are fully aware of the fact that I love water sports. Well…I love WATER full stop.
So this would be my top choice, If – in a parallel universe- I were lucky enough to win. I am a curious person so I made a research and wow, it looks like paradise.

If you want to know more, you can find more information on the San Bernardo and Rosario Islands  here  (located only 45 minutes by speedy boat from Cartagena).      

2|Visit Isla Mucura

Another top attraction close to Cartagena is Isla Mucura .The island, according to the pictures and the online reviews, is jaw- dropping. And I don’t have a single doubt that it really is as fabulous as it looks like!

I’m warning you, My “good” envy is growing more and more!


Isla Mucura- Cartagena. Source:

3|Relax at Casa San Augustin Luxury Boutique Hotel


Ok, I have traveled the world and slept in very cheap places without complaining. I actually enjoyed the experience to a certain extent, but I don’t want to fool myself, or even worst, you.

Who wouldn’t like to stay in a place like this? (FOR FREE, none the less). Even if they’d tell me I had to stay confined within its walls for the entire vacation, I wouldn’t complain at all. Not a coincidence that when I looked up online for the reviews the ratings were spectacularly high.

You can see it for yourself by entering the name on Google or by checking out their website.


Casa San Augustin cartagena, Colombia

Casa San Augustin cartagena, Colombia

  4|Discover Walled City


City Center in Cartagena Colombia by night

Cartagena City center by night


This is a description of  Cartagena’s City Center from the official competition website:

“Brightly painted colonial buildings with terraces exploding with colorful flowers line narrow streets in the historic center of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Stroll the charming streets, and take in a street musician performance or two.


Be sure to see the Castillo San Felipe, and when you are in need of fortification, there’s a healthy selection of relaxed bars and restaurants to welcome you.”

While I was writing this post I was contacted by a girl who coincidentally visited Cartagena and showed me some of her pictures. What a lovely place! I always wanted to visit South America, but now the desire is even more intense!


What will you get if you win?

The offer is valid for 2 people


  • Round-trip tickets on LAN Airlines
  • Four days/three nights in Cartagena with breakfast included.
  • Accommodations at Casa San Agustin


The competition will end the 4th of september at 11:59 pm and, as already stated at the beginning, is valid only for US Citizens.

So enter now and good luck to you!

PS: If you win, make sure to show me your pictures when you’re back 🙂


Thanks for reading


Disclaimer Policy: This post, as well as the competition, is kindly offered to you by LAN Airlines. All opinions are, as usual, my own.



  1. Looks like a fabulous competition and destination. Alas I’m not from the US either. Hopefully there will be a comp for us Europeans to entice us.

    1. Tell me about it..
      I wish there were more of these competitions around in Europe.
      Many people are skeptical as usually no one knows anyone who has won. Well, I do! My colleague and friend at Burberry won no less than the first prize: A trip for 2 to Hong Kong. Lucky her! That was the only case I wasn’t jealous at all as, at the time, I already secured my one way ticket to Asia to start my amazing adventure around the world and I was actually thrilled that she won as she joined me in Thailand for 10 days after Hong kong. Just perfect! 😉

      1. That is a great story. A winner and then meeting up on the road. Sounds like an experience to remember. Let’s all enter more travel competitions! 🙂

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