America has an almost endless array of attractions that are perfect for the whole family. This can make choosing where to head on your next vacation tough, so to help you out we’ve narrowed down a manageable list of destinations that will keep kids and adults alike enchanted and entertained this fall.

Disneyland, California


The original and arguably the best of the many Walt Disney theme parks around the world, this Californian resort is the perfect place for families thanks to the raft of rides, restaurants, activities and sights to enjoy during your stay.

Heading to Disneyland in the fall is sensible if you want to avoid the crowds as well, although it can still be busy.

When looking for the best time to visit Disneyland, you can determine by yourself the best time to go so that you don’t have to queue for too long, or put up with extreme weather conditions when exploring the resort.

Seattle, Washington


Head a little over a thousand miles up the west coast from Disneyland and you’ll find the city of Seattle, known for its coffee, its grunge music scene, and its tech industry.

These aren’t really relevant for children, but that’s not a problem because there are also a lot of other attractions in Seattle which will cater to family groups.

A journey up the Space Needle, a ride on the monorail, a few hours at the Pacific Science Center, and a meal at one of the many amazing eateries will more than fill your days with fun and adventure. Just remember to pack appropriately for a city break like this.

Plus Seattle is a good base for jaunts out into the wilds of Washington, where kid-friendly hikes can be found through forests and around lakes.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Nothing screams ‘family holiday’ like a beach vacation, and the good news is that even when the fall arrives in earnest, there are still parts of the US where the weather is warm enough to make sun, sea and sand appealing.

Myrtle Beach ticks all the boxes in this regard, as it offers ample accommodation, incredible entertainment and a brilliant beachfront with all the amenities you could ask for.

From crazy golf to water sports, from zip lines to sandcastle sculpting, this seaside paradise also boasts balmy temperatures from September onwards.

Chicago, Illinois


Another excellent autumnal city, Chicago has educational and fun museums, picture-perfect parks to wander through, and of course a river and lake which are both well suited to tourist cruises if you want to see as much as possible.

There are also lots of great neighborhoods to explore, each offering a different vibe. If you’re eager to get your kids familiar with big city living, Chicago is ideal.

Woodstock, Vermont


If the hustle and bustle of urban areas isn’t your idea of a vacation, visiting rural Vermont will enliven your senses and give you access to all sorts of outdoor activities that kids and grownups will love in equal measure.

The picturesque town of Woodstock is a top destination for a more isolated, small-scale getaway with the family.

You can explore the surrounding woods and the undulating landscape, watch the foliage change color, and retire for evenings spent eating hearty meals, playing board games and generally bonding in a good old-fashioned way.

San Diego, California


The city of San Diego is a place with a different pace of life to a lot of the busier parts of California. It has a vibe that’s very much influenced by its proximity to Mexico, and this is reflected in the amazing food scene. If you’ve got kids who are aspiring gastronomists, then you can expand their horizons here.

There is also the usual array of family-friendly attractions you’d expect from a coastal city, including aquariums, museums, and the famous USS Midway aircraft carrier which is a great venue to visit, perched as it is just next to the waterfront for easy access.

Orlando, Florida


If you’re looking for a southern getaway with the family, Orlando is Florida’s all-in-one destination that has more theme parks and attractions than you can shake a stick at.

There’s of course another Walt Disney resort, complete with a fully-fledged Star Wars attraction, as well as rival parks from Universal Studios, where fans of Harry Potter will get their fill of magic and excitement. Then there are the other noteworthy locations, including SeaWorld, Legoland, and much more besides.

Obviously, the best option is to consider what your kids will enjoy most, and build your fall vacation around this. It’s also sensible to book everything before you arrive, so that there’s no chance of any disappointment should the attractions you want to visit be particularly busy at that time.

Enjoy your US vacations with your kids!

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