SCRATCH OFF WORLD MAPS & TRAVEL JOURNALS: Why They Are The Perfect Gift For Your Adventurous Friends!


Are you a traveler or you know someone who is? Then I bet you can relate to this scenario…



It’s your birthday or any other recurrence where you should expect a present from your loved ones and usually, all you get is… something that has nothing to do with your personality.

I’m not saying that the gesture doesn’t count but receiving something totally cool (travel related!) is even better, right?! Then read on as this article is for you!

This is exactly why I have this policy about presents: I don’t want them and I don’t give them. If I find something nice while walking on a street and it makes me think about that person then yes, I buy it.


I also have this strong approach when a company contacts me asking me if I’m interested in promoting/reviewing their products. In almost 7 years of blogging, I said no 99,9% of the times. I have been offered very (and I mean…VERY) interested amounts of money to review a product but, nope… if it’s not useful for my readers and it doesn’t represent me, I still say no.




Scratch_map-best gifts-fot travelers

So when a company sends me an email asking me if I was interested in “reviewing their super clever scratch off World MapsI almost pressed the “delete” button as I use to do all the times, without even reading the content.




I was still skeptical reading the description but when I clicked to the actual link and saw the list of products they wanted to send me in order to test them I thought “Hell yeah! Send them over” I wish someone would have bought me something like this!



This is the Map still hanging on my magnetic board after my Australian Trip in January. I finally decided to start scratching off my countries, so cool!



They sent me the following items:


  • 1 black and Gold World Scratch Off Map (Poster size)

  • 1 Classic Scratch Off Map (Poster Size)

  • 1 Mini Scratch Off Map (Travel size)

  • 1 Travel Journal (Travelogue/Planning Diary)



The first two maps are perfect to frame at home (without the glass protection of course so you can scratch away a country every time you come back from a fabulous trip!)


The third (smaller) map is actually right here with me, on a plane headed to Australia! J Super light and easy to carry around thanks to the sturdy carton cylindrical container. LOVE IT!


These are the items (inside their containers) I’ve received just a couple of days before my Australian trip! The 2 big maps, the travel size, and the awesome and super useful travel Journal!


If you want to give not only an original present to your fellow travelers but also a quality one, this is it!


I asked the company to send me the items for review certainly not because I wanted to have them for free (they are sold at a very reasonable price) but because I wanted to test the materials.


The maps come in a normal cylindrical carton container with a lid and some padding at the bottom. Then, you’ll find the actual map container (which is a jewel for itself!), with a longer lid and an internal piece of fine paper so that the rolled map doesn’t stick to other parts ruining it.


Given the fact that I received the items before a big trip, I didn’t have the time to frame them and for now I only placed one in the big magnetic board I have in my room and brought the small one with me.


Me proudly pointing out that in just a few hours would be departing for Australia! Scratch scratch when I’ back home 😉


Sturdy and quality materials everywhere, from the carton to the thick paper of the map.

I’m very picky so I checked out the reviews /prices of very similar products on Amazon and these ones are definitely the ones I would have bought.




I am old fashion and I still own so many travel journals that I need a special box to keep them all.


Honestly?! I wasn’t expecting anything “too special” when it came to unwrapping the journal, but boy was I wrong! I guess that I saw so many travel diaries, that In the end nothing really grabs my attention anymore.

This one was indeed special! I had planned to give it as a present, but when I opened it I changed my mind and it’s following me in Australia together with the travel scratch off map 🙂





This is obviously not the travel journal I’m talking about, but an old one I used to put all the memories of my trip together.



But let’s talk a bit about the MUST HAVE Travelogue’s special features (that I hadn’t seen in any other travel diary).



1) It has the mini scratchable maps divided by continent. Usually, this is a diary for a single trip/project so you can choose the map/maps you need and scratch away on the road



2) A few dedicated pages with packing list items to tick off (super useful), the basic items are already listed and you have several other lines with the box to tick in order to add your own items.



3) There are several pages at the end, dedicated to attaching business cards, pieces of paper (or whatever you want really!)



Me with my the travelogue… my new best friend!


4)A few dedicated pages for the planning stage of the trip, Including pages where you can record your expenses in an organized and efficient way.



5) The actual Diary with just blank pages and a space to write the date at the top.


6) A final few pages with the good old telephone number spots to fill! I love the idea to actually write a number on a piece of paper rather than just on a mobile, so this was the perfect ending to a perfect travel Journal!



Special Thanks goes to Jason, who contacted me and somehow introduced me to these fabulous products (against my will) 🙂  I can’t wait to get back home, frame my bigger map and finally scratch everything off… NOW INCLUDING AUSTRALIA AS WELL, yayyyy!


I will post a new picture with the scratched map so that you see how cool it is! (DONE! SEE AT THE TOP OF THE ARTICLE!)



Click on this link with the Original Scratch off map!


In the meantime, check them out for yourself and you won’t need any more updates, 100% guaranteed. LOVED LOVED LOVED THESE PRODUCTS (and they are quite cheap too! Big Bonus!)




  1. I like this idea. I prefer a map and scraching each country then a big tatoo on my back and ink each country. But, as always, everyone has different preferences.

    1. Author

      Actually Anita… I am exactly like you! Nothing wrong with tattoos ( I have one small on my neck but it represents something important) so I’d rather scratch off the countries I’ve been too (funny enough, I will discover the actual number thanks to the map as I don’t count them) 🙂 I simply loved this concept!

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