Getting a chance to travel to one of the world’s safest and most gorgeous lands? Then you may need more than a paper slip to completely list down the places that will provide you rich, crazy and memorable experiences here. Below are a few “must dos” on my list, while traveling across this amazing country.

1 | Black Water Rafting at Waitomo Caves


Discover the kiwi crave for caving, with one of the most popular adventure sports activity conducted at the world-renowned Waitomo caves, famous for the enchanting glow-worms. Existing since 1987, the black water rafting is a very popular activity among people wanting to experience the adrenaline rush.

The marvelous Ruakuri caves were first discovered by the local Maori tribe about 500 years ago. The literal translation of the name Ruakuri is “the den of dogs”. Ruakuri caves tour is also New Zealand’s longest underground walking tour and is a once in a lifetime experience.

2 | Visit Giapo – the best ice cream in the world.  


Did you know that New Zealand is the second country after the US with the highest per capita consumers of ice creams in the world? A visit to Giapo is a must-do to discover this kiwi craze in person. If you ask anyone in Auckland where to get great ice cream, the answer is the best is Giapo.

As soon as you walk in, you will understand that you are not in a normal ice creamery. The look and feel are more of a boutique art gallery that sells the craziest ice cream on earth.  Situated right Downtown Auckland, on Gore Street, Giapo is not just another gelateria that is coming up with another wacky flavor, although they are pretty creative with that.

This place is changing ice cream as we know it. The ice cream here is served in Roti, in dumplings, Yorkshire pudding, special cones with handmade hot chips in it, all sorts of other bread.. and their specialty handmade unique cones, artistically crafted and garnished on order. The experience and the service are the one of a 5 stars hotel. Giapo is my favorite by favorite my favorite thing to do.  


3 | Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump


Opened in 1988, this 43 meter Bungy jump is a very popular activity, attracting thousands of tourists to New Zealand. Adrenaline rush seekers, looking to test their limits of exploration, must go for this activity, which promises a certificate on its successful completion. If you are someone who wants to make your trip to New Zealand a memorable one, a jump at the World’s first bungy center is a must.

4 | The Willow Tree, Lake Wanaka


The one golden activity to be present on your bucket list has to be the willow tree of Lake Wanaka. Wanaka is a small town in the heart of the South Island, just a few hours drive from Queenstown.

Existing in the lake with a peculiar and attention seeking shape, this tree has become a highly popular attraction that is photographed by all visitors. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit this Willow Tree, as the leaves turn a golden color, the color is just spectacular.

5 | Cathedral Cove, Coromandel


New Zealand has always been a popular destination for movie makers the world over. The immensely famous trilogy series of Chronicles of Narnia brought visibility to the Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel.

This magnificent and beautiful destination was the fantasy world of Narnia in the second film of the series. However, it is not only popular due to this, but also due to a scenic track that leads to this destination. Cathedral Cove is extremely popular during the warmer months as it is the perfect holiday destination.

Although New Zealand is a country full of pristine natural beauty and the bucket list of must-see places seemingly never ends, these activities are a MUST for you to get a wholesome kiwi experience and carry some of the craziest adventures of a lifetime back home.



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