Best Four European Countries for a Memorable EV Road Trip!

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When it comes to getting away, nothing entirely gives you the freedom to do what you want, like a road trip. If it’s on an EV (electrical Vehicle), even better! But to have a smashing European EV Road Trip, you must prepare beforehand, knowing which countries are better equipped for this journey!

By powering up the car, van, or bike, you can be the master of your destiny, traveling from place to place if you wish, taking in as much culture as possible.

You might spend a night in one place, then move on, or stick somewhere for a couple of nights if you like it. On a road trip, it is your call.

The one issue you might have is the rising cost of fuel across the world. Driving a car or van is becoming expensive, and Euro Weekly reports that fuel prices have only started to decrease since March.

Why Choosing An European Road trip With an EV ( Electric Vehicle)?

That means a road trip in an electric vehicle (EV) might be a good choice. They’re cheaper to run and have a less environmental impact, but there are concerns. In a post on AutoTrader about electric vehicle ranges, they explain how traveling in EVs once seemed unrealistic and impractical; that’s no longer the case.

However, as good as EVs are, they need an infrastructure to be adequate. That means lots of charging points along the roads you wish to travel.

Some countries have much better infrastructure than others, making them more suitable for a road trip in an EV. That means more charging points per mile, but still, an excellent place for you to visit along the way. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the four European countries with the highest number of charging points per road, making planning your next trip a little easier.

1| The Netherlands

The Netherlands has the best ratio of charging points to road miles of any European country.

They have 66,664 public charging points for 139,295 kilometers of public highway; that’s a charging point for every 2.1 kilometers road.

They might not be that frequent, you’ll find more in cities than in the countryside, but it makes the Netherlands great for a road trip.

You could seek to start in the frantic city of Amsterdam, heading to Groningen. From there, the town of Bourtange and Giethoorn is just an hour and would make a great overnight destination. Maastricht is another great city to visit for its World War II history and would seek as a good stopping point before Rotterdam.

2| Luxembourg

According to Visual Capitalist, Luxembourg is one of the world’s smallest countries; only 27 have less land mass. It has 2,899 kilometers of roads, with 1051 charging points; that’s one per 2.8 kilometers, meaning your EV road trip wouldn’t be a massive inconvenience. Even though it is small, there is still plenty to see.

Your starting point would likely be Luxembourg city, but you could comfortably visit some intriguing villages and towns on a single EV charge.

Vianden Town and Castle and Esch-Sur-Sure Village are close, just 35 minutes in the car. Ettelbruck is a great town to stop at on a Saturday for the famous market, whilst Schengen could act as a gateway to either France or Germany, should you look to spread your road trip further afield.

3| United Kingdom

The UK is at the forefront of EV acceptance; there are 33,470 charging points for 422,100 kilometers of road. That’s one for every 12.6 kilometers, but don’t expect to find regular points in the Scottish Highlands or North Yorkshire Moors. However, with some sensible planning, the UK is an excellent place for an EV road trip.

You could take multiple road trips around the UK, and I outlined three in my article on great road trips in the UK.

The UK epitomizes the true beauty of the road trip; you might hop from city to city, looking for great restaurants and places to eat, or from campsite to campsite in places such as the Lake District, Scottish Highlands, the Cotswolds, or Peak District. Luckily, with such a good network of EV charge points, your road trip won’t be limited by your choice of vehicle.


Switzerland is one of Europe’s most underrated destinations, combining beautiful mountains and valleys, cosmopolitan cities, and quaint towns. There are 7,843 charging points across the country, a number increasing all the time, and 71,454 kilometers of roads.

That means plenty of charging points, but don’t expect to find as many per kilometer if you get into the Alps. Zurich is the best place to begin your Swiss road trip, a city with lots to see and plenty of places to charge your vehicle.

Uetliberg will give you a wonderful view of Zurich but is a bit of a drive into the mountains, whilst Lucerne and Lugano should be on your itinerary.

Be aware that Switzerland is cold in the winter, so visit between April and July, and if you’re planning on driving the motorways, you need to pay in advance.

Ready for a Fantastic Road trip across Europe with your Electrical Vehicle? Did you already try it and want to share your experience? Leave a comment below!




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