Are you planning a vacation to Australia? Do you have the requisite information before visiting the place? It would be worth mentioning here that your visit to the region down under would be fun and memorable if you had done your homework before boarding the flight.

However, do not fret, as find below the essential travel tips when visiting Australia.

Apply For Your Visa in Advance


Most people tend to forget about applying for a visa for Australia. It would not be wrong to suggest that planning a trip to Australia requires an appropriate visa for Australia. Therefore, consider applying for an eVisitor visa for Australia to reduce the hassle. You do not want to cancel your travel plans before getting onboard. Your visa type would be based on your plans to visit the country. Your length of stay would also be vital for determining your visa.

Planning a longer vacation

Australia is vast. You would require more than a week to explore the country and its mesmerizing beauty. Therefore, when it comes to visiting the country, consider extending your stay for at least three weeks (like I did when I visited Melbourne for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament and stayed one month to also explore the area).

A vacation of around 3-4 weeks should be adequate to visit the wide range of sights Australia has to offer to its visitors. You may not get to all the marvelous destinations offering scenic tourist attractions. That’s why my advice is to concentrate on a specific area and from there take a few day trips or a multi-day trip.

When I visited the state of Victoria, after the tennis tournament was over I went to Adelaide to try and see sharks while in a cage (exciting experience but it’s not 100% sure you will see them), then I took a 3 days road trip to the Great Ocean Road, including a helicopter ride and visited Phillip Island to see the penguins 🙂

The rest of the time I took to visit the beautiful and vibrant city of Melbourne, the wildlife parks, and more. There are so many things you can do in Australia that your head will spin!

Pack prudently & Wisely

Here I am, learning my lesson the hard way at the beginning of my 8-year long trip backpacking around the world!

When you consider packing for your vacation down under, be aware of the weather of the nation. Depending on where you come from if you are from the northern hemisphere (Europe(US/Uk and such) remember that the seasons there are …down under, literally! 🙂

So if you visit, say, in December / January be ready for scorching hot temperatures! In any case, never forget to also bring something warm because at times the difference between day and night in certain areas can be massive.

Sunblock is Necessary (Always!)

If you love the beaches, in Australia you will come across the finest and most pristine ones in the world. The country is great for the sun and the sand lovers.

If you are looking to practice water sports, surfing, and outdoor adventures, rest assured Australia is the place to be. Therefore, carry your hats, sun-block lotions, and safe swimwear while on the beach. The geographical location of Australia makes it a very dangerous exposition to UV rays so please be careful!

Do not drop your guard even on cloudy days. Be prepared to see your skin getting darker by the end of your vacations, as you will be exposed to bright sunlight almost constantly and despite the sunscreen, you might still get a tan. Stay hydrated to avoid heat strokes.

Observe safety while swimming

The world-famous coastlines of Australia offer shimmering, white, and sandy beaches to its visitors. Therefore, it would provide you with lots of choices to embrace your love for the ocean. However, always aim to be safe and follow the indications of the flags, and DO NOT swim when they are red and yellow.

It is also worth mentioning that surfing conditions and rips currents are unpredictable. Therefore, it is in your best interest to adhere to the safety signs.

Regarding the wild marine life, please be also aware (if you aren’t already) that there might be very dangerous animals in Australia like white sharks, deadly jellyfish, and other “nice” creatures.

They are in their natural habitat of course so we are the intruders and can be easily attacked. Make your research beforehand to see if that specific area is dangerous or not.

More Tips About Australian Culture

Unlike most other nations, tipping is not customary in Australia. However, if you appreciate the service, consider tipping the person serving your meals. If you do not, it would not be considered rude in Australia. You could always return a smile for their service. If you find a tip jar near the cash counter in a restaurant or a café, consider dropping a few coins if you feel like it.

  • Stick to your budget

Undoubtedly, a vacation in Australia could burn a significant hole in your pocket, and quicker than you realize too. Therefore, when it comes to saving a few bucks on accommodations, eating out, and taxi rides, consider researching all the possible alternatives before it affects your budget.

  • Respect the native culture

Despite the culture and the identity of the Aboriginals of the country have been challenged since the European settlers arrived, you should acknowledge their customs. Consider restricting yourself to the designated tracks, respecting the atmosphere, and do not intrude while visiting the Aboriginal land in Australia.

  • Learning the language

When it comes to the language and slang in Australia rest assured the natives have a unique vocabulary and (in my opinion) a very cheerful and peculiar accent. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to learn a few essential terms before visiting.

The Aussie slang is quite different from the usual slang used in other parts of the world. Consider learning a few sentences to converse and have a few laughs together with the Australians.

Be realistic in your hopes to see wildlife

Female Koala and Baby

Be realistic in your hopes of seeing koalas and kangaroos roaming around the streets. It would be pertinent to mention here that the continuous development of various cities has shifted the wildlife inland. Therefore, your best bet to see Australian wildlife would be by visiting a wildlife park.

Although I was lucky with Kangaroos (I saw them basically everywhere on the Great Ocean Road Trip) with the Koalas I had to go to 2 wildlife parks in Victoria, the region where Melbourne is located, and I couldn’t hold one because the temperatures wouldn’t allow it and the animal would get stressed.

To sum it up

These vital tips will ensure that you have a great time and a memorable trip to Australia. Have fun mate! 🙂