A Year Without Make-up: Why you can’t miss this travel E-book.

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“A Year Without Make-up”

A strong statement, for a very intriguing book, by Stephanie Yoder.


The first thought that crossed my mind when I  read the title was: Freedom. And a sense of freedom is exactly what Stephanie Yoder experienced and communicate  trough her e-book.

She did what everyone else out there is dreaming about: she quit her 9 to 5 office job, to travel the world with only a backpack and of course, no make-up on.

You all know how much I love people who are able to inspire others. Especially in regards to travels. That’s the reason why I created this website on a first place: to help people to get some motivation and courage to leave everything behind to travel the world: this is exactly what Stephanie did at age 25.

As some of you may know, before deciding to leave London and start my adventure, I needed some serious inspiration too, and one of my most  inspirational figures was Stephanie.

I used to read her blog  during my job breaks, for months. Her fascinating stories and tips gave me an incredible strength and courage.

By reading  her adventures, I was able to dream and endure the stress, whilst developing my own travel-plans. You can easily imagine my excitement when I discovered that  “ A year without makeup”  was published , ready to satisfy my constant thirst for inspiration through her stories.

I purchased it immediately and, as I usually do with all the good reads, I devoured it in a couple of hours.It didn’t disappoint my expectations. It exceeded them.

The stories she writes about are compelling, funny and extremely touching.This is not  just a book about sightseeing. This is the story of a journey.

A physical one, through some very fascinating countries and cultures, but also an emotional one. Stephanie tells us how this trip, with its difficulties, challenges and exciting moments, helped her personal growth as an individual. And she does it with a light and simple writing style.

I know many of you trust me when it comes to get a good advice about the books I love.This is one of them: in 100 pages, she gave me an even clearer insight on why everyone should travel, as part of personal enrichment and why not, for the simple fun of it!

If you want to spend a couple of dollars to receive a lot more in exchange, this is the book you should be reading right now!


Thank you everyone

Happy readings and Safe travels!



  1. What a coincidence…I was just searching for a book to keep me motivated whilst saving for my upcoming trip in September, and here it is 🙂 Right timing

  2. These stories are always inspiring. I had a look at the website and i’m liking it so far. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Where can i buy the book? I like reading about travel adventures and this sounds pretty cool!

    1. Hi Monica, you can click on the link you find on the page. It goes to the Amazon website! Good Choice!

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