PHOTOGRAPHY ADVICE: 6 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids While Traveling


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For those of you who don’t know me and my story, I’m not a mom but I love everything concerning photography, and let’s face it, a kid in a photo always makes it for a great shot, even more so when the child is yours 😉

That’s why I decided to host an article for all the traveling parents out there on how to take great pictures of your little angels (or monsters). On a personal note, my cousins were delighted when I decided to make his son my favorite subject of the shot on a beach in Sardinia. They loved the pictures and even framed a few ones. The following advice is not the usual “photo stuff” but it explores a different part of photography, very interesting read indeed!


So there you go, 6 easy tips to try on your next trip!




As a photographer traveling occasionally with my young nephews and nieces, I’ve always been tasked to take pictures of our family vacations. It’s quite challenging to photograph children because of their short attention span and seemingly limitless energy. Well, they’re just being kids!

Taking great photos of your young ones is not rocket science. The key is to relate to them and make them know you’re having fun, too! Whip out your dslr camera and practice these tips for taking better travel photos of your kids.


1 | Let kids handle the camera



Let them experience what it’s like behind the camera. Teach them the basics of camera operation and photography to develop your kids’ interest in photography. This way, you help them stimulate their creativity and develop their eye for details.

2 |Go low



To document their reactions and emotions well, bend a little and crouch until you’re at their level. Who wouldn’t want to perfectly capture their cute and chubby faces while the kids are smiling or sleeping, right?

3 |Capture the experience


Pay attention to your kids in action, too. It’s better to take candid photos of your kids experiencing a place rather than asking them to pose. Don’t ask them to pose all the time because you might ruin the moment for them. Let them enjoy themselves to the fullest! Last summer, my family went to the zoo and I was able to capture my niece looking and smiling at a panda. It was a priceless moment, indeed.

4 |Capture light moments




Goofy and light moments during a family vacation deserve to be captured in photos. In our recent summer vacation, our whole family was starving, but we managed to take “before-and-after eating” shots. We couldn’t stop our amusement with the photos, especially the ones that show the funny look on the kids’ faces.

5 | Use the Sports mode


Your camera’s Sports mode is perfect for capturing kids in action because it freezes the action in the frame, taking great photos!. This camera setting comes in handy during moments when you need to take spur-of-the-moment shots. When our family went on a sand dunes adventure, the kids couldn’t contain their glee and excitement. I captured them jumping tirelessly with sand getting tossed in their hair.

6 | Make kids the star of the photo


As much as you want to capture the beauty of places you’re visiting, your kids should also stand out in the family photos. Children make for cute and adorable subjects, so why don’t you make them the focal point of your shots?


Traveling with kids comes with joys and pains, and taking better photos of them will make your travel experience all the more worthwhile. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be able to capture the smiles of your kids as they explore places.

When your kids grow up, these travel photos will remind them of their fun moments during family vacations, so capture as many memories as you can!


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Shane Haumpton is a contributing writer for several websites and blogs. She has written on a variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle, photography, travel, and arts and crafts to gadgets, social media, and internet safety. This self-confessed coffee addict and shutterbug manage to do all these while enjoying life as a nomad.

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Amazing post. These pictures are really very impressive. Thanks for posting.

MD Jatak

Nice Tips, thanks for sharing this…

Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the article. I sort of expected a lot of the ‘usual’ tips but number one (let the kids hold the camera) knocked my socks off! I’d not even thought of that! Really gets nice images and helps them understand perspective (literally and figuratively!)

I’ll be using these tips and posting images on my website so if you notice a difference in the image types and quality, you’ll know why!


Thanks for being an inspiration 🙂 I was able to write a blog on taking photos of children however, it is more on technical aspects.. still i’m thankful that I was able to read your post 🙂

Yeeeeey! Thanks for these tips 🙂 They’ll all come in handy for my little energetic munchin coz I’m planning to take her to a trip this May and I’d love to take home wonderful photos of her from the trip 😀

It sure was nice when you said that children are cute and adorable subjects, so it is a good idea to make them the focal point of the shots. I agree with you and so I am planning to use them as the focal point for the next family portrait. Aside from that, the reason why I wanted to take pictures of them is because of the idea that they are only young once. Thank you for sharing this.

Useful tips. The pictures really eye-catching and expert photography. Which camera you used and recommended for us?



Awesome post and amazing styles you shared to captured awesome photos.

Thank you for your tips! Simple but useful!

amazing photos..


Great post and amazing way yo shared to captured stunning photos during travelling.

Amazing pictures! I think this advice could also apply to adults. I for sure would take them into consideration for my next trip. Could you please let me know what kind of camera you prefer? I am actually planning to invest in a new one and I am looking for advice from professionals. Thank you!