5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia in September-October



Yes, it is possible! Read the guide to discover how!

Latest updated October 2018


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Have you always wanted to visit Sardinia but never managed to organize the perfect holiday? Do you think it would be too expensive for your budget? Relax, there is always a solution to everything and, as a local, I’m here to help you in achieving your goals!


If you want to organize your holidays in Sardinia without spending too much money, then  your best bet is to visit Sardinia during low season, and trust me on that this  will be the best decision you will ever make.

I know that not everyone can afford to take time off from work in September/October or May/June, and if you are one of them you will have to be a little more flexible with the crowds and try to beat them by waking up very early in the morning (I do this ALL THE TIME in July August). Also… the tip of all tips:


Book way in advance, usually people start booking the hotels as early as January and February to score the best hotel deals!


If you are lucky to be able to book in the low season then read on as in this post I will give you 5 excellent reasons which will make you want to start packing right now (don’t forget your swimsuit, the water is still decently warm in low season). If you are still not sure whether my island is the right place for your holidays or not, then I recommend you read my article on the best beaches in Sardinia, I’m pretty confident that you won’t have doubts anymore.

Not only will I list some of the most jaw-dropping beaches around, pointing out the pros and cons to visiting Sardinia in high season, but I will also help you in finding the best accommodation and the cheapest hotels nearby.

If you are more of a visual person, then check out my latest video on the best beaches in Sardinia on my favorite coast: The Golfo di Orosei area in the east part of the island… Enjoy it… It’s short but to the point! 🙂

If that isn’t enough to convince you, I’ve also published another massive guide: “Sardinia for couples” which turned out to be a huge resource not only for couples but for all the people who want to visit the Island, with detailed guides on popular destinations such as  Porto Cervo, Castelsardo, Cagliari, Cala Gonone, and Alghero. Check it out!

Now that July and August, the two hottest months of the year have passed by, is it still worth it to visit this magical island? There is only one answer to this question: YES, absolutely. If anything, booking your holidays in September/October is even better because Sardinia is at its best when the hordes of tourists have left.

Being Sardinian, I definitely know what I’m talking about. The locals mostly enjoy the island’s beauty during the months of May/June and September/October

Further reading: Nine detailed itineraries for a one week holiday in Sardinia


Sardinia routes by boat from mainland

Main Ferry Routes To Sardinia From Italy’s Mainland, Corsica, and Spain.

Whilst in July/August you will need to book your tickets way in advance to find good prices and availability, in September/October you can book your flights last minute or just a few days in advance. Seat availability for the flights to and from Sardinia is not an issue this time of the year, and the prices are significantly lower compared to high season (this is valid for both flights and ferries).


cheap ferry boats to sardinia, sardinia cheap holidays.

Traveling to Sardinia by ferry in September will cost you around 30 to 50 Euros for a one way ticket if you choose the basic option (no bed/cabin included – I recommend buying an inflatable mattress), and around 100 to 150 Euros -one way- if you pick the more comfort-oriented option, which includes a private cabin with bed and private bathroom.


The prices might vary depending on the route and the company you choose and are valid for 1 person traveling without a car. If you are traveling with your own vehicle, the price is calculated based on the size and model of your car. How much will you pay extra for the car? Usually, it starts at 70/80 Euros for a small car, depending on the route and the operating company.

In my opinion, traveling by boat is the best way to reach Sardinia. I love spending time on the deck, admiring the sunset and the sunrise. It definitely adds some poetry to the trip! To find and book the best deals for ferries to and from Sardinia you can check Traghetti line (more on that below), the official website that will find the best prices for you, comparing the offers from the main maritime companies on all the available routes from mainland Italy, Spain, France and more.


 Below is the tool I always use to book my Ferry tickets.


Depending on where you are flying from, there are 3/4 companies flying to Sardinia all year round. To find the best deals on the web, my best bet is to check out  Skyscanner. It will show you all the airlines flying on a certain date and allows you to compare them and find the lower price (useful to see how the prices go up and down depending on the season). You can also check out the Sardinia General Info page on my Sardinia section for further information on the best airlines.


beautiful deserted beach sardinia in september october

Cala Brandinchi: Deserted Sardinia beach in September, just in front of Tavolara Island

Having the beach all for yourself, who wouldn’t have such a wild dream? If you visit Sardinia in September or even at the beginning of June, your dream might become a reality.

When the majority of the people are back behind their desks, you will be enjoying kilometers of white sand and turquoise water in paradise. Many beaches in Sardinia are almost deserted by mid-September, even the most popular and touristic ones.

It happened to me more than once both in June and September and it’s been such a surreal experience: I went to Chia Beach, located on the southwest coast of the island, and I could finally enjoy that huge beautiful beach all to myself.


TIP: If you want to try the experience, avoid going to the beach during the weekends, as the locals still go there to break their weekly work routine.

Not only will you find deserted beaches, but also deserted roads, which is such a relief and a massive bonus for your nerves! During peak season, it might take a few hours to reach the most popular destinations, and even more on your way back  to your hotel if you are not staying nearby the beach*

*This is valid for all the major touristic beaches all around Sardinia but even more for tourists and locals who have their base in Cagliari and surrounding villages and want to spend a day in Chia, Tuerredda beach or Villasimius/Costa Rei Beach.


cheap accommodations and villas in september sardnia

What about spending half the price for a place like this?

This is a valid statement for all the touristic destinations, “low season” always means lower accommodation prices. Sardinia can be bloody expensive, especially in July/August (the average cost for a small villa or apartment is around 700/1000 euros per week), but during the months of September (and if you want to risk a bit more, October) the prices go down, sometimes even by 50%.

This is even truer if you don’t choose a very touristic area (which I strongly recommend, as there are amazing places still not very popular that deserve all your attention).


Which are these less touristic places? Some examples are the CarloforteOristano, and Piscinas areas. They are stunningly beautiful and rich in culture with a great atmosphere. I’ve been there and I can not recommend them enough. If you don’t feel like discovering new areas, no problem, the touristic areas can be really cheap too if you know when to book your accommodation.

Below are some links to agencies/websites I personally used to find accommodation for my many mini-breaks around the island. Every year my family and I decide to discover a different part of Sardinia and we usually rent a small villa/apartment (called “Villetta” by the locals) close to the sea. This way we can also save money by cooking our own meals and go to the beach on foot or bicycle. If you want to know more, read my article about  Sardinia holidays for families with kids



To find the best hotels/accommodation is not always easy, especially in Sardinia. That is why many people, to avoid the hassle of searching online, use the travel agencies. But from my experience it’s truly easy to do it yourself, saving a lot of money sometimes. I tell you how I have done it for more than six years on the road 🙂

Click on this link to find out the best deals for cheap hotels and resorts in Sardinia, they have a truly massive inventory, with every possible solution for any budget. From the “Villetta” to hotels all-inclusive and even cheap hostels.

I always recommend them because I use their website myself every time I have to book my hotel and most of the properties have a free cancellation policy. A massive bonus when I need to book way in advance. I usually book 3 hotels and cancel the others last minute once I have made up my mind just before the trip.


traditional sardinia festivals

Traditional Sardinian costumes

You can find Sardinian festivals (gastronomic, religious and cultural) all year round, but September and October are the best months to enjoy the experience to the full. The weather is still very nice and you can experience the thrill of being surrounded only by locals, making the interactions much easier (especially if you are visiting Sardinia as a solo traveler)

There are plenty of festivals all over the island, and it is really rare to visit a village and not finding a traditional festivity going on in one of the villages nearby. Even religious processions can be quite something. Don’t dismiss them as, during these religious events,  you will witness to the real Sardinian culture.

Below are some links to websites with a list of festivities for you to check out so that you can organize your stay according to these dates if you want to be there during the event.

In my opinion, these festivals are, together with the beaches, the very core of Sardinia. Every tourist should be part of them at least once in their life. Nothing gives you more sense of Sardinia culture than being in the middle of the action, with all the smells, sounds, local food and the magical experience of being surrounded by Sardinian people who have nothing to do with the tourist business.





The weather in Sardinia is almost always pleasant, especially during the summer months. It starts getting warm from April/May with temperature peaks in July and August and it is still sunny and nice until October.

During September/October, you will experience the most pleasant temperatures. It’s not too hot but still warm enough for a swim and sunbathing without melting under the scorching sun.


From my 20 years of experience living in Sardinia, sometimes in September it might rains for a couple of hours, very rarely for a few days, but even so, the temperatures during the day, never go below 24/25 degrees. 



Sunny days and I’m still going to the beach! 🙂


The beautiful beach of Cala Domestica, on the southwest coast of Sardinia at the beginning of October 2019. Super sunny, semi-deserted beach and warm water to swim!

Additional Tips:

Bring a light jacket with you for the evenings as sometimes (not every year but it can happen) the temperatures go down a bit after the sunset. Also note that certain areas are more subjected to the winds, especially the “Maestrale” which is quite strong and blows from north to south. It usually lasts for 3 to 5 days. During these days I suggest you finding beaches that are a bit more secluded as the wind  (especially on the south coast) will blow the sand all over your towel, making it uncomfortable to stay on the beach.

The “Maestrale wind” usually lasts from 3 to 5 days so I suggest you find beaches that are a bit more secluded as the wind  (especially on the south coast) will blow the sand all over your towel, making it uncomfortable to stay on the beach. Also be extra careful when you swim during Maestrale windy days as it might be tricky to go back to shore if you are on the South coast of Sardinia (this obviously doesn’t apply to the beaches in the north).


Do you still have doubts about visiting Sardinia in low season? If you need more information or suggestions about where to go or what to see, send me an email and I’ll try to help! Don’t miss my latest massive Sardinia Guide!



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Jo Hobson

Hello. Hopefully you can help with our Sardinia holiday. We are going early September with a 11 month old baby. We enjoy chilling out round the pool and going to a beach with sun beds for shade etc but also want the option to have a drive out and do some sightseeing. We would like to be able to walk into a town in the evening for dinner and a few drinks, nothing too crazy! A travel agent has recommended a apartment at Resort Cala di Falco where we can walk into Cannigione. We will be flying into Olbia. Are… Read more »


Hi Clelia I have just come across your site and I must say it is one of the best I have found so far. I would love your suggestions on my upcoming holiday to Sardinia in mid September. I will be travelling with my other half, we are in our mid-late 30’s and will be staying 7 nights after spending a couple weeks on the mainland in Italy. We are from Melbourne, Australia. The number 1 reason for us to go to Sardinia is what looks like beautiful beaches. This will be the relaxation part of our holiday and would… Read more »

Rebecca Williams

So glad i found your blog. My husband and I planned to go to Sardinia this month but it just didn’t happen. Then I thought about October but wasn’t sure on the weather. Hopefully we end up going this time


Hi Clelia,

I have a weird question. 😀 Is water in Sardegna turquoise in late September? I’m asking because we were there in May ’18 and got the only raining week in 20 years :))) it rained literally all 5 days we were there and obviously the water wasn’t the “tropical” blue we were expecting. and we are thinking of visiting again in September and wondering if the water is the light/turquoise blue only in July and August, the extremely hot months or if we’ll see it in Sept too.

Thanks so much!

Louise Kumar

Hi Clelia What a wonderful blog and articles. Thank you for taking the time to share these wonderful insights into Sardinia. Myself and my 15 year old daughter are flying into Olbia on 20th April for 7 days. My husband was due to come but due to a bad knee unable to fly- so we are coming just the two of us- a big change for us. We are overwhelmed with information and cannot decide where to stay. We won’t have a car so have to rely on public transport. We would love to immerse ourselves in the culture,people and… Read more »

Ava Stander

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions .Can you please tell me where/ village/ town to stay in that’s not in the south coast of the island as I would like to avoid the winds.

Hello, I have checked out your article, its just awesome and amazing content with beautiful pictures of Sardinia. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information. I have seen your blog, you never visit India. What about India tour with Palace On Wheels Luxury Train? It;s all about luxurious facilities. So what;s the plan.

Tony Daniloo

Very Nice Post! Thank you so much for sharing this useful 5 reasons to visit Sardinia. I will definetely visit it soon. During September/October is perfect.


Clelia- hi! This is a wonderful post! Another greeting from Australia (Canberra). My husband and I are planning to go to Sardinia for 6 weeks (yay!) in 2019 with our 4 year old boy. We will probably arrive at the beginning of September and stay until early October. We are looking to stay in a lovely village or town, rich in culture and food, ideally near a beach but we don’t mind mountains either. We want to experience the culture and festivals, cook and learn a bit of the language. Where would you recommend we look to stay? And do… Read more »


Hi, thank you very much for the useful content… These are really high – quality posts!


Hi Clelia, Greetings from Australia. Thank you for the great information you provide. I love reading through it. You have probably already addressed this question so apologies if you are repeating yourself again but can you recommend best area to stay for 3 middle aged couples in early to mid September for 6 days? Looking for village atmosphere near a beach with restaurants we can walk to for dinner. We will have a car so are happy to do daytrips to see the sites. We are planning on finding a villa so we can also cook some meals so advice… Read more »



Mu husband and I are traveling to Sardinia 2nd week of October. We want peace and quiet but at the same time don’t want to feel like we are in a ghost town. Is there any advise of where to stay for 4 days in order to still enjoy some sort of city feel with beautiful beaches? Any help please!!!!


Hi Clelia, just came across your site by accident and so pleased I did, such great info, as a first timer to Sardinia, we arrive 27th sept for a week, I have very little knowledge of the area other than it all looks beautiful. We are staying in Grande Baia hotel in San Teodoro and on checking the alternatives to transfer from Olbia airport find they are around £180 which seems rather a lot of money….not sure if public transport is an option, having not driven in Europe before would this be a good time to do it in your… Read more »

Trevor Jones

Hello Cleilia Love the knowledge you have about Sardinia. We went to your beautiful island last year in August and followed a lot of advice you were kind enough to send us. We stayed in Green Village as we usually have to go self catering owing to my Son,daughter and wife are all vegetarian. This year we hope to go again but owing to a delayed house move we can’t go until September or October. Thankfully you latest blog gives us hope that we can enjoy Sardinia again, Just two questions 1 we all love swimming in the sea, will… Read more »


hi. im glad i found your blog! my husband and i are planning to go to Sardinia this October for our 5th yr anniversary, like on the 15th til the 25th. we might just follow your itinerary since we found those places really interesting and best suit our type of trip. We will fly to Cagliari from NY. We love the beach, we make sure we go to a nice beach vacation almost every year. Our only concern is that if the weather would still be pleasant for swimming and boating. We also love exploring the towns and its culture,… Read more »

Johanna San Martin

Hi Clelia, what a great and useful bog you have, especially for first time travelers to Sardinia like myself. My partner and I are planning 5 nights in Sardinia at the end of September 2018. We initially are thinking of staying in Porto Cervo but am worried that a lot of the town will be closed by then. Do you have any suggestions? Should we stick to the Porto Cervo area or venture somewhere else? Will it still be warm enough to swim in the ocean? We love beautiful beaches, great restaurants, wine and nightlife. We also really want to… Read more »


Hey Cleilia,

Any advice for surfing areas?

Joe B.

Hi Clelia, Your blog is stupendous! Such a wonderfully useful travel resource. My wife and I are coming to visit Sardinia from late in September into early October. We’ve allotted 7-8 days for our trip in which to experience things in both the North and the South, but we’re undecided on which airport to land at to begin touring by rental car. We’re mainly interested in your country’s history, art, culture, wine and food, though a beach day or 2 is not out of the question. We want to visit both Alghero and Santa Teresa di Gallura and then continue… Read more »


Hi Clelia,

I plan to visit Sardinia in the 1st week of October, I’m a solo traveler. I would like to know which beach is nice where have no a lot of wind and also not far away from the airport (which airport I must to take?).
Do you have any recommendation any hotel also close to the beach?
Is it possible from Sardinia to Pisa with ferry?

Thank you, greetings from Holland


Hello I’m so glad I found your site. My husband & I are traveling Oct 2 for 5 nights to explore Sardinia & im so excited but we live in Southern California & I am a wimp about cold water & cold temps outside. Since it’s the very beginning of Oct do you think it will still be sunbathing/swimming weather? What do you think about Isola di Santa Maria, there is a eco hotel there but is that more of a day trip by Maddelena. Is it best to rent a car or scooter? And if we want to go… Read more »


Fantastic site. Lots of useful information here.

I am sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious.
And certainly, thank you to your effort!

Dara S

Hi Clelia, I enjoyed your article. I was looking to travel to Sardinia in early/mid September. I’m a solo female traveler. Do you have any recommendations? I may spend around 5-6 days, and since I’m by myself, I don’t want to rent a car. Is it possible to do this, or is it better to save Sardinia for when I travel with someone else? If you think it’s possible, what would be some good locations in Sardinia for me to go to? (The first half of my vacation will be very active, on a bike tour in Spain and then… Read more »

Anita Barker


I have 5 nights booked late Sept 28th here Bay of Santa Reparata, 07028, Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia, Italy

However we are arriving on the 23rd so looking for some suggestions for a few days road trip.

Thanks Anita


We are looking to visit Sardinia in October as a celebration of my big 50! Do you have any suggestions for a relaxed holiday enjoying food, wine, beech and sunsets?




I’m thinking of going to Sardinia for 5 days in October. I am just curious to know if Air bnb would be a good option and if so, is Cagliari a nice city to stay in?
Thanks, any help is very much appreciated!


Hi Clelia, Firstly – a great website! We are a couple in our 30’s and want to go to Sardinia this summer. I read many of the other comments here to avoid repeating questions but still: – Is mid June warm enough for sunbathing? I already figured that May-June is your favourite time but I like hot weather in general and it needs to get pretty warm in order to put on my swimsuit so just wandering if vacation starting June 16 would be ok.. – I am pretty picky on beaches and based on everything I’ve read so far… Read more »

Anna Harrison

Hi Clelia,
Just wanted to say you website is great – so many awesome tips!
My husband and I are planning a trip to Sardinia in August (busiest time of the year I know!). We will be travelling with a 6 month old and planning to hire a car. We’re looking at the Costa Smeralda area as this looks and sounds amazing however is there anywhere else you would recommend? Will be booking self contained accommodation to keep the cost down and cause we’ll have to prepare meals for the baby.
Look forward to any tips 🙂

Michael Porter

Sardinia in off-season. For more than 50 years Ruti and I have been travelling to places around the world – always going “slightly” off-season. Same applied to Sardinia. Not only lower prices, but less crowd crush. We go by bus and train, rarely book in advance, and stay wherever we especially like the place. Sardinia (this October) was wonderful, with real “gems” (Cagliari, Algheo and Bosa I especially like). We found the people warm and friendly, going out of their way to help us. We missed out on most beaches, and a lot of ancient ruins, but wandered around towns… Read more »

Robert Kapp

Hi there,
Just looking to get your opinion.
I will heading to Sardinia October 11th for roughly 10 days.
What would you recommenced. I know there are so many options I just thought I would ask.
My partner and I would love to see beautiful towns and also explore some great beaches.
We are coming over from Sydney Australia.

Thanks a mill…



Hi Clelia…

I will be visiting lovely Sardinia for a week on October 15th….I know I can’t expect too much with the weather but I’d love to know your thoughts on how warm & sunny it usually is around this time? Also if you had to choose a place that allows nice scenery, is close to beach and also some nightlife where would you pick?

Thanks so much….Dan


Hi, I’m enjoying your blog a lot, thanks! Me, my beloved husband and our 6-months old sweetheart are going to go to Sardinia and Rome late August or September. We are in doubt which resort to choose as we don’t drive and from what I’ve read the island is easy to discover by car and public transport is not reliable. Maybe you could suggest any specific family-friendly hotel with easy access to the sea or/with a good swimming pool if that’s not too much to ask? Not only we are interested in simply lying on the beach but also in… Read more »

Great post, I can only agree, we love Sardinia in September and also in october. Water is still pleasantly warm, if you are int owater sports like wudsurf and kiting this is an awesome season. Weather is nice and less toursists gives all opportunity to be spontaneous and enjoy local restaurants and trips without having to pre-book. A great area to stay is in or around Santa Teresa di Gallura. The town is very much alive all year around and the beaches in the area are great. Admin note: I removed the link as my comment policy doesn’t allow to… Read more »


Hi Clelia , i am interested in coming to sardinia this september. i am coming with my boyfriend we really enjoy snorkelling and going for nice meals and seeing the less touristy areas. we are only able to come for 5 nights can you please advise the best area to stay in please?
is there a difference in weather between the north and south?
thanks in advance

We are planning a trip to Sardinia in the first two weeks of September but someone has just said that most of the restaurants and outlets start to close from early September – is this true..?? Thank you for your help.

Szabó Safwan

Helo 🙂

I am traveling to Sardinia soon, im landing in Olbia, Are there any good places/beaches in the north of Sardinia? Also, could you please help me with the ferry, because after i am done with Sardinia im going from cagliari to Palermo, and i tried many ferry booking websites, i want to book a cabin but there is no option for a cabin to select. I dont know whats wrong 🙁 Thank you so much!


Dear Clelia,
Thank you for this very helpful website! My husband and I are travelling from Munich to Costa Rei for a week in early September and we had some questions-
1. How to get from Cagliari airport to Costa Rei?
2. Is renting a vehicle to move around important? Where can we rent scooters from?
Thank you again!


Hi Clelia
Thanks for all the information on Sardinia.
we are visiting from 27 August (1 night in Olbia, 4 nights Alghero, 4 nights Cabras, 2 nights Olbia before we fly home)
Are there any towns, villages, restaurants you really recommend we should not miss on our route?


This post has made my mind up to definatley visit Sardinia in September always wanted to go thankyou for your honest and intresting views


Hi Clelia, First of all, thank you so much for sharing these great insights / tips about Sardinia, very very helpful! My husband and I are planning to visit the island next year and we would like your opinion on the following: Which is the best month to sunbath and swim: Mid-June or Mid-September? Is it worthy to take a day trip to Corsica? And the other thing is: We have only 5 nights to stay in Sardinia and we intent to stay in Costa Esmeralda. Do you think it makes sense to spend 3 nights there and the other… Read more »

Amazing post. thanks for this post. after reading our mind is flying for going there. we have made a plan for going in sardinia . Thanks for this post.