You all know how much I LOVE beaches. If I could I would spend my life living on a beach, it’s healing, soothing, and great for lifting your mood! So below is a short compilation of beaches I’ve either been already or want to visit at some point. Enjoy the virtual tour for some inspiration! 




Me enjoying the sun on the beautiful beach of Anse Soleil – Seychelles (they are not included in this specific article as I have a specific one coming up just for Seychelles with more details, stay tuned!)

As already said…spending your holiday relaxing on a beach is a great way to relax and unwind from the trials and tribulations of your day-to-day life. The soothing sound of the ocean and the soft feel of the sand on your feet will make all of your stress melt away instantly (at least it works for me like magic!). Here are 5 beautiful beach holiday ideas for you.



This is a picture I took in Bali – Gili Trawangan – during my stay in Indonesia. Hard to beat such a view! I fell in love with the sunsets on the beach in Bali… now you know why!

Bali is a holiday destination you are guaranteed to love! This stunning island in Indonesia has fabulous beaches, forested volcanic mountains, and beautiful coral reefs. The area is known for its yoga and meditation retreats and you can sign up for instructions to learn how to do both. You can rent beach villas with full staff or self-catering or stay in amazing resorts.

You can indulge in spa services, go snorkeling, swim, or go trekking to Uluwatu Temple which is perched on a cliff above the ocean. There are so many possibilities in Bali! When I arrived there I was stunned not only by some of the beaches around the island but also by the green that surrounds EVERYTHING!

Rice terraces - Ubud - Bali

I took this picture while climbing down the stairs to reach a temple in Ubud – Bali, so green right? Rice terraces are part of the beautiful landscape of this fabulous Island. 

One tip if you go to Bali: Don’t miss a trip to the wonderful Gili Islands! I stayed there for almost one month and I didn’t want to leave. The sunset overlooking the sea with the volcano shape in the distance is something else!



I’m Italian and shame on me, even if Greece is very close and I’ve visited it a few times, I’ve never been to beautiful Santorini. I know, I know… That’s why I’ve decided to include this on my list as I have so many friends declaring how they fell madly in love with the place and suggested I visit it, that I think it deserves a spot in here!

Santorini is a beautiful Greek island and is home to many perfect beaches and plenty of picturesque villas with incredible views of the Aegean Sea (Yep, the famous pictures you see everywhere and that will give you the impulse to book a plane ticket right away!). Perissa Beach has volcanic black sand and a stunning view of Mesa Vouno, a big rock that changes colors throughout the day.

Tip for a truly smashing vacation: Check out these yacht charters to get around Greece in style!



Perivolos Beach is a great place to go for water activities like windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and renting jet skis. You can stay in a traditional cave home with modern amenities that will protect you from the fierce wind.

But, at least from what I’ve heard from friends in awe of Santorini, The “Red Beach” is a must to visit. I have seen some of their holiday pictures and I must admit I was impressed! It’s quite an experience to have a beach that’s completely… red! The water looks super clear and transparent and of a marvelous turquoise color so… that would be my first choice to soak up the sun and snorkel in Santorini!





Ok, I still have to meet someone who wouldn’t want to visit French Polynesia and Bora Bora in particular! I mean, come on…whether you are a beach lover or not, this place is simply paradise!

Usually, Bora Bora is associated with honeymooners but even if you are just a group of friends or a normal couple who is not interested in tightening the knot, this location is perfect for anyone. Heck, I would go solo, who cares, I also went to Seychelles by myself even if it’s a well-known honeymoon destination and I still had a great time 🙂

Bora Bora is a small island in the south Pacific that is known for its fabulous scuba diving and its luxurious resorts. There are fabulous beaches, and stunning turquoise lagoons to explore and there are many overwater bungalows to stay in. You can also go trekking in Monte Pahia, a dormant volcano. Be sure to join a boat tour where you can have a try at feeding sharks or stingrays.

Bora Bora… one day you will be mine! 😀



Oh, Zanzibar! I unusually happened to know about this beautiful African island over the Indian Ocean, not because of its beaches but because one of my music idols, Freddie Mercury, was born in this paradise 😉

Then during my 2 months trip to Africa, I had the possibility to see it from above during my flight from Kenya to Tanzania and that was enough to promise myself that I would have to go back to Africa to actually see it in its beauty.


Zanzibar is off the coast of Tanzania and this beautiful archipelago is known for its stunning beaches and islands. Unguja is the main island and there are many great beaches to hang out on.

I did a little research beforehand so that I would know where I want to stay the east coast is protected by barrier reefs and that is where you will find the best beaches like Kiwengwa and Pongwe. But you should really explore the whole island as you will find many beaches that have been untouched by tourism. There are plenty of fabulous resorts to stay in where you can get the freshest seafood cooked with fabulous spices.

See you there one day!



Sri Lanka is such an interesting country to visit! I had an incredible experience over there (with a small incident but hey, that’s me always being unlucky, nothing to do with the country), if you want to know all the beautiful places I’ve visited, you can read the other article about my holidays in Sri Lanka here.

The hardest part of going on a holiday to Sri Lanka is choosing which beach to relax on first! There are many fabulous beaches for you to visit on the south, east and west coasts. Beruwala is close to the capital city of Colombo and there are plenty of great beaches to visit.


Arugam Bay is a popular beach area that is filled with resorts, hotels, and beach cottages. Unawatuna is a city in the southern province and is home to the very popular Unawatuna Beach.

You can try a variety of water sports at all of the beaches or just relax in a hammock in the sun. Besides that, Sri Lanka also offers so much more in terms of things to do on holidays! Majestic temples, incredible views, and also safaris to see the leopards and Elephants in the wild.

I fell in love with the country, which is also a great starting point for a longer vacation. Sri Lanka is strategically close to both southern India and the dreamy Maldives. Just a short flight away and you can also visit these other two gems over the Indian Ocean. Not to be missed!


Looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Check out these 5 incredible beach destination to relax under the sun, you're going to love them all! beaches #beach #vacation #traveltips 5-great-beach-holidays-ideas
Looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Check out these 5 incredible beach destination to relax under the sun, you're going to love them all! beaches #beach #vacation #traveltips 5-great-beach-holidays-ideas


  1. Sri Lanka beaches are the most stunning I have ever seen. Look at those two pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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