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From my Balinese Engagement to Ballet/English Teacher in One month.


¬†LOVE ON THE ROAD. FAIRY TALE OR JUST AN ILLUSION? WARNING:¬†This may be the last post you read in here.¬†I expect my family to murder me after sharing so many personal memories with you.. I pondered whether writing about this or not. I know people are curious. I’m sure some …

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What I’ve Packed For My RTW Trip: The List.

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TRAVEL PACKING LIST ESSENTIALS:   Finally, after reading 1 million blogs about packing, is my turn to put all my belongings for 1 year of travels in my bag! I attempted packing and un-packing¬† 6/7 times before reaching a decent result! They say practice makes you perfect but ¬†I’m still …

RTW trip: How we planned the Itinerary!

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‚ÄúThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.‚Ä̬† Saint Augustine was right. I¬†indeed want to read more pages of this fascinating book. In my case a very specific book: THE¬†SOUTH EAST ASIA TRAVEL GUIDE! ¬†But today I’m stealing Saint Augustine’s metaphor to introduce …